Me and books

[Bahasa Indonesia]
Me and books go a long way back. They are among my best friends in the world. They have taken me further than I can even imagine. I thank them for it. I thank my mom and dad for it.

I was at a friend’s place. She has opened a small library for children in her neighborhood. I shared with her my love for books. I told her when it all began.

When I was little, mom used to take to the market several times a week. She almost always left me in a nearby local bookstore.

The owner kindly allowed me to roam around the store and read whatever my heart pleased. Comics, atlas, history, geography, general knowledge, anything. My love for books grew.

Dad too nurtured my love for reading. Even when I was still in elementary school, he almost obliged me to read newspapers before I left for school.

He discussed several issues from the papers with me. My love for reading grew. And so was my ability (and keenness) to analyze things.

Me and books go a long way back. We have a long way to go, still. I just hope that every kid has the same opportunity. If only they realize how far they can travel, intellectually and imaginatively speaking.

I thank the books for many things. I thank my mom and dad, too.

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