Daily Archives: April 2, 2008

The luxury of choosing

[Bahasa Indonesia]
People often refer to me as “lucky” that I have the choice to do certain things, a lot of things. I consider myself blessed.

Not just because I have the luxury of choices. But also the luxury of having the courage to make the choice and face the consequences.

I think this is what is lacking from a lot of people. We often say we do not have any choice. A recipe for disaster.

I strongly believe that we always have the choice. It is a matter of having the keenness to notice them, the courage to make them, and the integrity to experience the consequence.

It was not until a couple of weeks ago that I realize where I have that belief. I was traveling and chatting with an amazing friend. She said, “You are lucky that your parents have raised you to be like that.” Come to think of it, she was spot on.

My father, a pain as he was when I was little *kiddin, pop*, together with my ever-loving mom have allowed me to grow the way I want myself to be, to try (almost) anything I want to try, and to taste the consequences.

I have the choices. I can make them. You have as well. You can, too.

I have made good calls, and some bad calls. But that is ok. Such experimental life has allowed me to see, to believe that I always have the choice, each comes with its own consequences.

The consequences that I have been willing to take because I know it will allow me to make the leap. To be where I am today. To be where I can be in the future.

And for that, I have my father and mother to thank. Thank you. Thank You. I keep learning everyday what you have done to me, for me. Amazing.

Look around, look down

[Bahasa Indonesia]
First occurrence
“She has vast knowledge but is stingy.” A passing comment from a friend. She runs a foundation for children education. The comment was about me to her colleagues in the foundation.

Am I really stingy? Have I really that vast knowledge to share?

Second occurrence
A questionnaire that I am filling in. One of the questions wrote: “ask your friends what they consider to be your greatest weakness”. The answer from three friends: thinking too much, too laid back, and belief in self. Wow, am I really?


Third occurrence

A large banner in Djoger shop in Bali, saying: “If you can, don’t just look up.”

That was it. How much bolder should a message be?

We (too) often think that we are a nobody. We look up and never down. I am just starting. I still have a lot more to learn. There is so much more yet to achieve.

We undermine the knowledge, the experience and the exposure we have gained throughout our life, our education, our work. We thirst for more knowledge, more experience, more wealth.

Don’t we realize that the majority of people in a lot of regions do not even have elementary education? do not have basic food for everyday survival? have not ever traveled outside of their town? Ignorant us. Ignorant me.

This insecurity gives us the false sense of earning the right to receive. We have forgotten to give or to share. We forget that perhaps even the simplest things to us are luxuries to others.

So perhaps I am stingy. I think too much. I don’t do enough, too laid back. I don’t realize my potentials. I often look up, and seldom down.

At either case, the time has come to give, to share.

.start doing something. Anything.


[Bahasa Indonesia]
Exactly one year ago, a friend/teacher/supervisor of mine passed away. Pak Mustafa Alatas.

Last week his daughter–another dear friend of mine–called for a cup of coffee. She wanted to give me a small book and CD. A compilation of her late father’s beautiful writing and music collection.

It was the sweetest gesture.

Pak Mus, you have raised your daughter well. She has your thoughtfulness, sincerity, and kindness.

The greatest gift a father can pass to his children.