Yoga Miauw

Uttanasana – standing forward bend

Adho mukha svanasana – downward facing dog

Sarvangasana – shoulder stand

Savasana – corpse pose


ps: Revised based on suggestion from a friend. (You mean there are people who do not know what adho mukha svanasana is??? ;p )


7 thoughts on “Yoga Miauw

  1. Eva.M

    Ri – depends, Miauw is a professional yoga instructor. No such things as free lunch. How can one be a yoga enthusiast unconsciously?

    Aldi – glad you can keenly see the potential in Miauw. She does need more cardio exercise though.


  2. Anonymous

    Hmmm… I think I can ask Miauw to be the yoga instructor for two of my cats: Sweetie and Noel. I still have another 43 cats on the waiting list, if Miauw succeed, they might be interested to join…
    Cheers… Rosa


  3. Eva.M

    Rosa – Miauw gracefully and appreciatively declines your offer to teach Sweetie and Noel.

    Unfortunately, her current schedule has not allowed her to make new commitments.

    Keep practicing yoga.


  4. hanny

    Hahaha, of course, came to think about it, I’m sure everybody knows what adho mukha svanasana is ;p Next, Miauw in Beshara’s event, Scotland!


  5. Eva.M

    Han – See! ps: Miauw may not go to Scotland as she is very exotically tropical. Perhaps she can stay with Moshi. I mean, honestly, Moshi can do some good with yoga.



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