Hypothetically speaking..

[Bahasa Indonesia]
A discussion with a colleague.

C: Who is going to do such and such in an event?
Me: We have Colleague B to do the job.
C: What if he is sick?
Me: Well, we have me. I can do it.
C: Yeah, but what if you are not around?
Me: I am already a Plan B. How many backup plans do you need?

Funny as it may seem, this conversation happens a lot to you and certainly to me. We keep worrying over hypothetical situations.

In a world of maybes and what-ifs, we decide to stay within our comfort zone and take a lot of precautions. Too many?

Then we complain about our life. We claim that we are stuck where we are in life, without any choice. Hm.

We refrain from taking that extra bold step in life. Steps that may probably allow us to realize our potentials and fulfill our real purpose in this world.

Perhaps only the mavericks act differently. Perhaps. In good time.

Good that God is extra patience. With all the potentials and wonders that He has carefully crafted and we have ignorantly passed, in the name of so called security. If only we knew.

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