Daily Archives: April 17, 2008

A close list

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I give you a hint on how to note when I feel close with someone.

It is when I get chatty, when I cannot wait to chat about how my day(s) has been, and how I feel. When I talk more than she or he does, or at least 50-50.

And when I start to reveal the not-so-composed me.

I don’t think I have added a new person on this “close” list for quite some time. Not that I am trying to be exclusive or anything. I supposed it is just a matter of natural selection. And my personal inner-process.

But I have added you recently. And I want you to know, as with other people on that not-so-long list, you can call me up anytime, even years from now, to simply says, “Coffee?”, and I will directly say yes. I will make time.

It is a promise. A pleasure. An honor.

PS: No, this is not what I meant by “the last entry”. The previous one.