I asked for a small chapel…

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I kept being drawn to this area. Well, “pulled” would be a better word. You kept giving me ‘reasons’ to go there.

First, it was the temptation to go to that favorite outdoor shop of mine. I resisted. Then a friend asked if I could buy her a product which rumors have it is sold in that area. I still resisted and bought the product in a different shop in different area instead.

At last, You have managed to get me there because another friend insisted for us to meet near that area. Fine, I will go there.

And so I went. After my lunch, I went about the neighborhood. Grudgingly. You have got me here, and now what? Unfair. Show me a sign. I went to the outdoor shop and did not see anything that tickled my fancies. Right, I still don’t know what I am here for.

Suddenly. Taa daah.. Singapore’s Saint Andrew’s Cathedral. Wow. Yesterday I asked God to show me a Catholic church. A favorite refuge of mine. Yesterday I did not find any. Then I forgot all about it.

I supposed someone still remembers.

And more.

I have only asked for a simple small catholic church, or even a chapel, for me to sit still in silence. You have given me the cathedral instead.


2 thoughts on “I asked for a small chapel…

  1. Eva.M

    🙂 Thanks Nils. It was an amazing experience.

    And you know what. Even receiving your comment now and reading the entry once again are great experience.

    It is a much needed reminder to self. What a timing. Thanks for visiting.

    Take good care.



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