All the options in the world

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I was traveling out of town recently. I took the public transport to go just about anywhere. I did not mind at all. In fact, I enjoyed it.

Until on the last evening, I was about to meet a friend at a place where my usual mode of transport did not exist. So I took a taxi instead, due to lack of time and probably lack of energy to explore other options.

As I sat at the back seat of the taxi, I gazed through the taxi window, enjoying the beautiful houses, trees, cars, and lights that passed me by. I realized the luxury of taking a taxi, a comfy vehicle dedicated only to take you personally anywhere you want.

Then I hit me. I have taken a humbler mode of mass transport throughout the journey, but I always, always, always have that other more-privileged option(s) had I wanted to.

As with the many cases in my life.

The likes of Linked-in and Facebook have allowed us to reconnect with long lost friends. One day I showed a friend (professional) titles of several old friends, high up in the management ladder.

I said, “Look at them. Look at me. What am I compared to them?” I paused and I continued, “I am a person who choose not to be.”

I could be like them if I wanted to. I know I have that option. An option which I did not take. Well, the option that I once took but no more.

The truth is I am blessed with all the options in the world—probably much more than many other people are. To which a dear friend wisely responded, “Then use it well. Make the best choice possible.”

So I reverted to You to make the choice for me, as I know nobody else would be able to make such grand choice(s). Not in the way You can.

Thank you. And, as always, Thank You.

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