No more questions

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I had lunch with a dear friend, a mentor last Friday. I had quite a number of things to do at work, but when she called, I could not possibly say no.

She now lives abroad and is visiting the town for a couple of days. We have not had a chat for a long time.

That very dear friend was the one who ‘guided’ me throughout my ups and downs (and downs) about two to four years ago. At that time, I had so many questions and uncertainties. Restless. Fatigue.

Yet she patiently guided me throughout my journey, whether it was the journey out of town or the journey within.

Her first suggestion, I remember, was to “slow down everything. Do one thing at one time. Let your body and mind relax. If your process to surrender is through meditation and prayer, then do it.

Don’t force the process using your thought. Our mind is our obstacle. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart & lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight”

Release all your wants, needs, request, expectation, thoughts. Breathe slowly with only one thing in the consciousness, that we are His. Let Him work with us and accept anything and everything that He gives you every single day.

Look, feel, smell and touch everything around you. The floor, wall, house, road, tree, people, car, paper, words, language, music, sounds, flower. Anything, each day, each second.

Until one day you will understand, then you will burst to deep tears. Tears of happiness, joy and understanding.”

Those beautiful words marked the start of the journey of a lifetime that had been postponed for a long time, too long.

Yesterday, however, was a different chat. We talked and laughed about work and life. It was a dialog rather than a consultation. It was heart-warming still and pleasurable.

As we entered the car to return to our ‘real life’, I told her, “I have no more questions.” I have been asking a lot of questions all my life about life itself, but now I am left speechless without any question to ask.

There is no point of asking or questioning, when deep inside you already know that you know. Or at least, believe.

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