Saturday morning

[Bahasa Indonesia]
What a great start for the weekend.

Having finished an email for a certain Uncle Bill, I had a conference chat with two of my dearest friends. (We were all online at 8am Saturday. Is it a wonder that we are friends? *sigh*).

The chat started with “all ready with your own cup of tea”? 🙂

I was not. So I quickly went and got my warm cup. (Weirdos. Love you to bits). Then we went on chatting about everything and nothing.

In the midst of the chat, my brother—who is always a cook enthusiast—called for a real breakfast. He has prepared tomato omelette and two types of garlic bread for us all.

I took small breaks in between the chat to have some quick bites (and answered some text messages plus wrote this entry).

My mom, brother and cousin were at the dining table, with, needless to say, Miauw the cat—an integral part of the family.

It is now 11AM and I am still chatting with friends and fam.

What a great start for the weekend. *Big warm hugs*

1 thought on “Saturday morning

  1. Anonymous

    Ha ha ha… Glad to know Miauw has her own chair! Looks like she really has ensured who the boss is!




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