Hunger – 2

[Bahasa Indonesia]
Some time ago, a friend forwarded me this link, which tells a story about an animal pound in the city where animals are needlessly suffering and some are left to die. *sigh*

It is the hunger topic again. This time it is about animals. Yet another tear drop from my eyes.

I promised that friend that I would put this up on my blogs, hoping somehow it will make a difference. Apology for the long delay.

It is a wonder how we often fall for animals, but not for human. We feel the pity when we see animals in pain, but choose to ignore humans who are in agony.

Or maybe it is just too painful for us to see, that we decide to look away and move on with our beautiful happy life, probably out of fear of getting hurt inside.

I think, as are children, animals are there to touch us deeper, with their innocence, honesty, and vulnerability.

When trust, unconditional love, and affection start to grow from within us, we can extend ourselves and learn to love others as well. To be affectionate and lend our hands to animals, nature and humankind alike.

Look who is learning to love now. And we thought we were the ones who are doing them a favor.

2 thoughts on “Hunger – 2

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Eva,
    I am very sad (and also upset) to know this… as some helpless animals are abandoned to starve to death.
    I am sad can not reach them since I do not stay in Jakarta. Can we do something? Can we donate the money and ask someone to buy the petfood (in Jakarta), then sending the food to these animals? These cats and dogs definitely need help!
    If you say yes, I will be very happy to chip in!

    Kind regards,


  2. Eva.M

    Rosa – You can email or contact Karin (081386752273), Femke (081314962608), or Natalie (0811135309).

    I am a bit uneasy about putting mobile phone numbers here but they are in the brochure, so I supposed it is okay.

    Thanks for caring.



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