On becoming freelancer

[Bahasa Indonesia]
Three years ago I met this amazing person. My first encounter with her, however accidental it may seem, as she beautifully put it, “was anything but coincidental. It was a happy meeting of two long lost friends.”

About three months ago, she asked me questions about freelancing. Yesterday I received her happy note that she has finally taken the step to be one. (No, I am not at all suggesting you to do the same. Not right away, at least. Not time yet).

We agree that freelancing is not about feeling of being robbed. It is about redesigning our life to fit our priorities and to put our guiding principles into practice the best way we know.

We believe that if one follows the call and walks the spiritual path, everything in the universe will orchestrate to make the door open for her/him. It all will flow naturally for everyone who follows the call of her faith.

Otherwise, restlessness will always be with us.

How do one know when one is ready or built for freelancing? If we still have that question, then chances are we are not ready. We do it “just because”. We do not really think about it.

When our subconscious or something inside us knows that it is just the thing we should do. It feels like the natural thing to do. It is our path and (for now) we see no other way. This is the best reason. Probably the only reason.

Needless to say, freelancing takes some sort of stability and certainly confidence to take the steps. After that, it is all about self discipline, relentless efforts of networking, building one’s capabilities and self-marketing.

Nobody is there to watch our back now. Nobody will promote us but us. We are on our own. At the same time, we need to allow ourselves enough slack to have a rest, relax and enjoy life.

At some point in our life, we are called to do what we are supposed to do in this life. Some hear and head the call. When we do, it all flows so naturally.

And at another point down the road, life, work, and spirituality merge. At this time, spirituality becomes a life-time and only profession that is constantly practiced in our daily life. How beautiful that will be.

The best recommendation there is, is to believe.

Allow me to quote you, “Practicing Buddha Dharma for me is not just an activity that one fills into her ‘a day in life’ pie chart. To me it’s a life-time profession and it needs constant practice in order to engage the knowledge into one’s daily life. So my goal is to have freedom of time to practice, to help others, and just-enough money to pay the rent and to save for the rainy days.”

Beautifully put, as always. I do hope you keep this close to your heart. And remember this whenever things get a little rough or doubts arise. The honor and the pleasure of meeting and befriending you are mine.

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