Cleaning up

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I went up to my “office/reading” corner at home today. I did not like what I see. Too much clutter. I bet there were many things that I could actually live without.

I wondered when was the last time I sorted them all out. Um, too long.

It was time to put some sort of order in this corner and did some cleaning up.

So I spent the half of the morning and half of the afternoon doing so. I took out all the papers, books, and what have you, spread them all over the space, and started to review them one by one: chuck it out, or keep. If I keep it, where I should keep it.

It is not finished yet, but I am happy with this temporary result.

This is physical cleaning up. Easy stuff (Tell that to the government). Emotional cleaning up is another matter. And I did some as well this week(end).

I cannot remember when the last time my (work) schedule was as hectic as it has been in the last couple of months. I have been missing out on my morning ‘rituals’, my workout, my coffee with friend/book time, and (would you believe) my weekends as well.

The problem with such condition, in my case, is that it almost always brings to the surface that moody side of me and—at the same time, worse—all the emotional baggages that have lied dormant for quite some time. In waking hours and in dreams.

So earlier this week, on Thursday late afternoon, I decided to go home early. The body could not take it anymore. The mind and soul even less.

And I did to myself what I did to my office corner: I took out all the mental papers, spread them over the mental floor so that I can see them all, and started to review them one by one. Chuck it out or keep it. Put some sort of order to it.

As with the office corner, I have not finished cleaning this one up yet either. But I am happy with the temporary results.

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