A chat with Pak Merta Ade

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I cannot remember when the last time a teacher (or supervisor) got more excited than myself about what I did. That was how I felt when I went to see my Bali Usada health meditation teacher Pak Merta Ade on my third day of TB2.

I went to his porch. When he saw me walking towards him, Pak Merta Ade got up and with a huge smile he looked me in the eyes and shook my hand firmly. “I am so glad to see you join TB2. You participated in TB1 and now TB2. Good. Very good,” he said excitedly. I felt honored.

The conversation went on. I told him about my challenges.

I told him about how I felt a lot of discomfort whenever I tried feeling the six characteristics of the earth element in my body.

I said that every time I got to that earth stage, I just moved on from one characteristic to another very fast.

Pak Merta said, “That means you are already sensitive enough to feel the element. Then if and when you feel you are ready, try to stay a little longer, feel the sensation, and sense the impermanence, that everything will eventually change.”

I was impressed how he managed to say it positively. He did not scolded me for dodging the discomfort I felt and say “You are wrong. That is not how you are supposed to do it. Don’t be so weak. Face the pain and discomfort.”

Instead, he used the words “when you feel you are ready.” There was not a single judgmental or negative word in the sentences.

That is why he is the teacher and I am the student ☺

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