A welcoming space

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I love this room.

I must confess I was hoping to get another room, towards the back of the lodge. The ones at the back have prettier more traditional interior design and a more scenic view and are closer to all other yoga participants.

I spoke to soon.

That room of mine, that simpler secluded room of mine, was perfect. Firstly, it was actually comfortable and sufficient. Everything works.

Secondly, I had the best neighbor, a fellow yoga participant who somehow had similar professional (and perhaps personal) background. So we connected instantly.

Thirdly, it was the closest one to the yoga class. That precious five extra minutes others spent walking to the class which I can spend lying down on my bed.

Lastly, and this is the best part, the room faced the pathway where everybody should went through whenever they go to the yoga class or anywhere else. Added by a nice front porch, I felt like having a nice petite home that welcomed any friends and guests who passed by.

Sufficient, comfortable, and warmly welcoming. A dream home.

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