The last night

[Bahasa Indonesia]
That night was the last night I stayed at Pacung for TB2. The day after that we would end our noble silence, the meditation session would end, and I would move on.

So late at night, I sat at my porch staring at the darkened garden and the glorious night sky before me.

I smiled and thanked them—the nights, the moon, the stars, the ponds, the fountain, the rice field, the garden, the animals, the wind—for the blissful experience. The only friends I have during my night prayers.

It was a clear night. I had never seen so many stars in Indonesia’s night sky. No moon though. I wonder where it went. It did not matter. I knew it was there. I smiled at the moon nonetheless.

I thought about going to bed but something inside told me to stay just a bit longer. So I continued to sit and converse with the familiarly warm nocturnal nature.

Then the night gave its final performance: A bright—and what seemed to be colorful—shooting star. Quick! Make a wish!

I could not help but smiled. You are too kind.

It has said its last piece. The night then allowed me to sleep.

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