Twist and balance

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I love the philosophies behind every yoga move. Here are three that I have noted down from my sessions with Ann Barros.

Balance in the tree pose
We were doing the tree pose. Usually a teacher would ask us to focus on one point throughout the pose to help maintain our balance.

Not Ann. She said the opposite, “Try to move your eyes from one point to another. Your body should stay balance. The balance should come from inside.”

The deep twist
As the session about to end, Ann invited us to do a deep twist. The twist, according to yoga philosopher, releases deep anger, and sadness. Ouch.

If a twist can do that, I wonder what a twist-and-shout can do 😉

No yoga session should end without any cooling down postures. One of which, would be the savatsana or corpse pose.

The pose is said to relax the body, help to lower blood pressure, reduce headache, fatigue and insomnia, calm the brain and help relieve stress and mild depression.

Savatsana is always put as the second last pose (before meditation) of every yoga session. I love it when Ann said each time we do savatsana, “When you are ready, you can start to wake your body up while keeping the savatsana within you.”

Now, have you started to understand why I love yoga so much? 🙂

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