Working @ Ubud

[Bahasa Indonesia]
A note to a client about a week before I left for Bali: “Hi. Just to remind you that I shall be leaving for Bali in a week. Do you still want me to assist you? If so, appreciate if we can settle everything before I leave.”

A note to the same client a couple of days before I left, ”Hi. Can you confirm whether we can move forward yet? Am leaving in a couple of days. But if need be, I can still work until 22nd morning. On 22nd afternoon, I shall start my meditation and will switch off my mobile and Internet connection.”

I received the brief the day I left for Bali. Thus the work needed to be done while I was there. I went online and told a friend through chat that I needed to work while I was in Bali.

My friend only asked one question, “How do you feel about that?” Good question. “I felt fine” I said, “I don’t mind at all doing the work now.”

“Good. That is all that matters” was the response that I got.

My friend was right. That feeling of not minding, of taking it lightly or even with a pinch (or more) of gladness is what matters, no matter what you are facing.

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