Yoga in Bali

[Bahasa Indonesia]
Last July, I participated in a five-day Iyengar Yoga course with Ann Barros. This is the second time I joined her class.

I must have liked it the first time that I gladly returned to Ubud for this.

Well, come to think of it, I would return to Ubud for any reason, really.

I love taking Iyengar classes. The Iyengar tradition put particular emphasis on precision (oh my cup of tea! ☺) and alignment in all postures.

It uses self designed props such as wooden gadgets, belts, ropes helps the practitioner to achieve perfection in all the postures.

Thus these classes feel like refresher courses to remind myself how the postures are supposed to be. You should see how Ann commented and corrected our poses to the very small details—which is not always that pleasant when you are doing inversion poses (head down, feet up). She also liked to squeeze in a couple of philosophical note on Yoga. Love it!

We stayed at the Kebun Indah lodge. I had a great room and made several great new friends.

Breakfast was another favorite time of mine. We gathered at the largest room to have breakfast together. Yum yum.

Those are the times when we could chat. Breakfasts are the times when I listen to amazing stories from my new friends. Others are indeed mirrors of you. My beloved mirrors.

During my free time, I roamed around Ubud, often alone (with books!), but sometimes with friends for coffee, lunch, dinner or watching the Kecak performance. Texting friends occasionally. And sometimes, working 😉

I walked the alternative smaller streets of Ubud and found that they were just as amazing.

Some were even more interesting than the usual shops you see in the main roads.

I realized that it has been quite some time since I last traveled alone. I missed that.

But now I have found that sensation of being with myself again. It was good to remember that feeling. It was even better to couple that with beautiful new friends, Ubud and Iyengar yoga.

Thanks, Ann. Thanks, friends. Thanks, Ubud. As Arnold the Governator said, “I will be back!” And that is a promise.

Note to self: must get everyone’s pictures and post them here.

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