End note to this travel chapter: A fast life

[Bahasa Indonesia]
This is it. The end of my current stretch of travel. Tomorrow, the work life (as a professional in the communications field) will resume. It has been a great three week journey.

When I told a friend several weeks ago about my traveling schedule—yoga, meditation, healing training, meeting up with people, four—or more—places in three countries within a stretch of three weeks, she commented, “what a fast life.”

I had never thought about that until she said it. She has made a valid point. If you look at the schedule, my life seems to be moving very fast from one point to another.

Yet interestingly, at each point, the life seemed to slow down up to the degree where it hardly even moved. The life was slow at each point. It took its time going through and enjoying the process.

Now life does not seem as if it is moving that fast at all. Not anymore.

The life moves from one point to another lightly, but I know it takes its time as it moves–immersing in the experience given by each node of adventure, enjoying the process, and embracing the learnings presented by nature.

Detaching, enjoying, and embracing seem to be the keywords of this travel episode.

I have my teachers and friends to thank. And God. And my beloved family. And–in a peculiar way—I have myself to thank for allowing the process to happen.

As I wrote this end note, a passage from the book given by a dear fellow traveler resonated in my head: “Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves.”

PS: miss you, too. I really do.

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