A life unfinished

[Bahasa Indonesia]

The stone-built medieval town is at a complete still
All its inhabitants have gone to sleep
All except one. The teenage Annette
The town street says nothing
Yet to this girl, it is bearing its tired soul

The teenage Annette is wrapped in her winter coat
She is staring at the empty street
Her chest congested, her breathing short, her eyes watery
Yet she stands there, unmoved, frozen in time and space
Ignorant to the chilling Fahrenheit that is tightly squeezing her

Because there is something even more chilling
About this beloved town of hers
The sadness, the frustration, and the heartbreaking poverty

Annette has made up her mind
She knows what to do
And is determined to instigate it

Feeling resolved, the girl returns inside
To her warm homey modest hut
To her smart blue collar father
To her humble loving mother
And her innocent little brother

Young matured Annette knows
The fertile land surrounding her town is the key
To bring her people out of this stricken poverty
Agriculture-based economy. That is the answer
That is what she is focusing on
A total dedication to her ideals and people

Annette’s performance surpasses all women of her time
Her thoughts get appreciated

But Annette is satisfied much too soon
The ovation and gratitude have blinded her
Arrogance has smoothly taken over her soul
And she forgets how far she can go
She overlooks the many miles she has yet to travel

The road detours even further
The adult Annette meets her man
They fall in love
They live happily throughout the rest of their life

Annette disregards what she is set to do
She clings to the happiness she is so afraid to lose
She does not know that she could have had it all
To have the cake and eat it too
And much more. The Caretaker is that generous

On her dying bed, the middle aged Annette looks around
She feels happy. She feels love
Annette has what she wants
Wealth. Respect. Family
And (her limiting somewhat misled understanding of) love

But during her last minutes, she remembers something
Her job is still not done
She has abandoned what she had come here for
Now it is all coming back to her
During the final moments of her life

There are still some clinging hopes left though
The journey is not over yet
There will be a next time
And that time is now

When all things fall into places
When all things can and will go hand in hand
Love. And this time, she hopes it is the Divine Love.

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