The moon and the rain

[Bahasa Indonesia]

And the moon is where two friends love to meet–sharing stories of light and darkness. In silence, chatter, laughter or tears—sometimes all at once. Or through an exchange of cryptic look, subtle gestures, and delicate smile only the two can understand.

The moon is a perfect meeting place, you see. For the moon does not shine its own light. It reflects the light it receives (mainly) from the sun–just like two friends reflecting one another. It shines a tender light that is never blinding, but still gives enough warmth to the heart and brings smile to the face.

So, I guess I shall see you tonight at the evening sky where the moon is–full or not. White, orange, grey, or pink. For once, I don’t really care about the details.

Even if the moon is not in sight, we still know it is there. We still know where to meet. We are still meeting.

Perhaps the moon is not in sight because it is busy shining on other parts of the world. That is okay. The moonshine is rich enough for many to share. The beauty it shines upon us, though, is exclusively for us. I know. You know, too.

Perhaps the moon is not in sight because its route is not as predictable as the sun is. I supposed it is part of the beauty of the moon. It keeps us guessing, intrigued, and, occasionally, longing. (I wonder whether the sun is the only thing it is reflecting.)

Or perhaps the moon is not in sight due to the clouds. I don’t mind that either. Because clouds bring me the promises of rain. Rain too reminds me of you.

And the place where I am going–it rains all the time.

My challenge is not to remind myself to look up at the evening sky. My challenge is to not look up all the time. I know I must set my sight to what is in front of me and not let my mind wonder too often, even to you.

Besides, deep down, I know you are going to be alright. You are that strong and blessed. That is all I need to know. That is all that matters.

My dear friend. My dear spiritual mentor on how to love, to feel (again), to express (again), and—now—to let go. I know I must let you be, let you walk your own journey.

And my place is about two steps behind you, or rather, around you.

At the back of the room, sipping warm black coffee, eating cookies, chatting my usual non-sense chat with whomever is next to me.

Smiling proud at you, because of you.

While you are taking the center stage, growing sweet again, and fragrant and wild and fresh, and thankful for any small event.

It is time for us to continue the journey. Together or by ourselves. Or sometimes together and sometimes by ourselves. Yes, perhaps that is it. Thank you for being a travel companion for me and for being part of the blessings in this life.

The mind knows. The heart needs to catch up.

The first picture was taken in Ubud (Bali), the second from here and the third at the Anomali Coffee (Senopati, Jakarta).

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