A movement called love

Oh this subject. Where does one begin to discuss this? How should one continue? How should one end it? Should one end it at all? God forbid.

The Book (i.e. Al Qur’an) puts quite an emphasis on love, whether it is under the name compassion, benevolence, mercy or love itself. Every chapter in the Qur’an but one begins with “in the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

One chapter in the Book (QS 55) is titled Ar Rahmaan, The Compassionate. The chapter has 87 verses, 31 of them stating “Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?” Such is His Grace and Compassion.

Then Consultant of Beshara Bulent Rauf in one of his addresses also discussed about Ar Rahmaan. Such great compassion, he said, can only emanate from the nature of the Being of Beauty Himself, which can only have one movement: Love. Only those who knows themselves—thus knows his Lord—may witness this movement of Love.

Note: I sincerely hope that I am one of those to whom Ibn Arabi referred when he said “our discourse is with him who has resolution and energy in seeking to know himself in order to know God and who keeps fresh in his heart the image of his seeking and his longing for union with God.” Amin.

Bulent once was asked how one can eradicate hate in the heart. His answer—as always—was simple and straightforward: by loving. By loving more. Eradicate hate by loving more. How simple. How true.

I shall stop here, as I am still on this chapter: eradicating hate in the heart.

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