Balance. not

“It is not about balance. It is about knowledge.”

That friend of mine said it with such certainty and calmness. The statement just stopped me. It is not about balance or making choices. It is about knowledge.

All this time, I have been thinking about balancing my life, making ‘the best choice’ between this and that, these and those. Add a bit of A, decrease a bit of B. Less work, more personal time. Less food intake, more exercise. Work smart, play hard. You know, the usual stuff.

But she was absolutely right. If we know—really know—that A is ‘bad’ and B is ‘good’, then we would not be trying to balance them at all, we just naturally go with B and leave A. Balance comes naturally once the knowledge is there.

I presume she was not talking about just another knowledge as we know it—certainly not the scientific, logical one. She was talking about knowledge on life. How to live. How to be.

Life needs the knowledge of the heart, so that it can recognize the place of the  Lover–the Divine Lover–in the heart. This is the only kind of knowledge (or recognition or awareness or whatever you may call it) that you I need to be.

Somehow I know that the Love is already there. I ‘just’ need to recognize it.

Such Knowledge would lead to Love. Or is it the other way around–Love will lead to Knowledge? Ah, it does not really matter. For I think that there will be a point when there is no difference between knowing and loving. Him.

If I can know Him, really know His expressions of Love in everything, how can I not love Him? How can I not be lost in this Love?

Vice versa, if I do not have this longing, this love, embedded in me, why do I bother so much trying to get to know Him? This Love is the (only) motivation.

At some point, (we I realize that) Knowledge and Love will merge. Then balance will come naturally. Amin. Which one should we do first? Pursuing Knowledge? Or Love? Perhaps both. Why not approach it from both ends?

The discussion has branched into two: Love and Knowledge.

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