Be still, be educated

Where were we? Ah, on knowledge. The quote “know yourself, know your Lord” came to mind. Next question, then, was: how do I know myself?

“Good one,” my personal Lord said. “Actually, you don’t have to ‘do’ anything. Just fix your mind on Me. Prostrate to Me. Face Me at all time.”

Fix thy mind on Me’ was somehow a very strong theme for me, especially during the last two months. In the language of lover, God gets jealous when my attention strays away from him—out of His Kindness. He was doing me favor. It was the only way for me to survive.

Then be still. I need to allow myself to be moved and to be educated. In the ark of Noah, as Rumi said, stop swimming.

A friend asked me this once—what does it mean to be still? I realized at once that it was not easy for me to explain.

The best response I could give was: it is just like what it sounds: to be still. Quiet inside. So we can really listen. To provide space for the education to happen. To allow the feelings to rise. But not to indulge in it nor in our thoughts. I could see my friend getting none the wiser listening to my answer :p

My personal Lord gave yet another tip on this subject, “Don’t forget to ask Me.” The prophet was enjoined to ask for an increase in knowledge through a simple prayer of “Rabb zitni ilmin—Lord, increase me in knowledge.” Ask. Ask even how to ask. Ask what to ask. Seek refuge in Him from Him.

Every single thing, every single instance is education.

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