Falling in love

“If you ask me, the easiest thing to do here is to fall in love.”

If you are in love, nothing becomes a burden. Sacrifice is not deemed to be sacrifice anymore. All is done out of free acts.

Hence, by all means, do fall in love with God.

That morning we read Address (2) of Niffari. I just love Niffari. It reads as follow:

“…I have selected thee for Myself: if thou desirest that other than I should know of thee; then thou art guilty of polytheism against Me; and when thou listenest to other than Me, then thou art likewise guilty…

…Thy station is truly the vision of Him and thy isolation is His presence.

…I have boon companions, when I have caused to witness my presence and whom I have taken unto my own charge. I turn unto them My face, and stay between them and everything, being jealous for them on account of everything.

…This is in order that I may restore them unto Myself from everything, and that they may understand of everything, and that their hearts may believe in Me.

…It is I that address them. They are the friends of my gnosis: by my gnosis they speak, and of my gnosis they are silent; it is the cave or their sciences and their sciences are the caves of their souls.”

After reading it, there was no discussion. We were invited to contemplate it individually in silence.

That morning I walked outside and faced the green hills before me. I am officially in love with God.

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