I look, therefore I see

It is amazing what I can see when I really want to look.

I was in the garden. I saw leaves falling from the trees to the ground. I thought that was the end of them. But no, I got to rake the leaves, stack them, let it rot a bit and become leaf mold, then use them in a couple of years to provide nutrition for future trees.

The garden has strong links with the kitchen. Lettuces from the garden are brought to the kitchen. Chop chop. Some go to the table, others go to the compost bin. The ones in the compost bin returns to the garden. It is a full circle in itself.

I was still outside, making a bonfire. The wind was extremely strong. The smoke from the bonfire seemed to be following me every which way I went. Then I realized I needed to pay attention on where the wind blew and moved to the opposite direction to avoid the smoke. Move with the wind.

It was almost lunchtime. Setting and clearing table was always a nice thing to watch. Nobody is told to do anything. No clear job distribution—who was doing the cutlery, the fruit, the bread, the butter, etc. Yet everybody chipped in. Each doing what the other was not doing, filling in the gaps. Everything just flowed. One movement.

I must admit I am a novice when it comes to housekeeping, kitchen and garden. And I must say, it is so good to come from a place of not knowing. It kept me very open (and obedient) to whatever task was given to me. It was a humble position that I often do not undertake in the real world.

It is amazing what I can see when I really want to look.

Note to self: Sometimes, however, it is best to see things as what they are and nothing more. Don’t read into things too much.

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