make it easy for me

[Bahasa Indonesia]
Let me pick up from where we left of in the previous text. This nodding business—being still in the midst of this education, acknowledging His expression, facing Him at all time—is not an easy thing. In fact—as I am sure you have had first hand experience(s)—it can be pretty tricky.

There was one time—thank God it was only that one time that it got that intense—that I felt it was too much. I was sure that He had overestimated me. I could not see how this could possibly be a movement of love. I could not see a single thread of education in that moment. I was frustrated and upset.

So I complained to Him. I went up the hill and sat on the bench, cried myself out, and said, “I thought I specifically asked you to make it easy for me.” That was one of my favorite prayers: May the Lord make this easy for me. It did not feel like it at that time.

The response to which came several days later. I suddenly dawned to me that this was easy. Honestly. Look at all the support, the cushion, and the help that I had around me. I could not have been in a safer place to experience this education. Praise be to Him.

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