My mirror(s)

Are you familiar with the saying that everyone you meet is in one way or another a mirror for you? This principle was very strong throughout the six months.

However a person was or whatever (s)he did, it somehow reflected my states—some mirrors were not that flattering, I must tell you. But there were beautiful mirrors as well, many beautiful mirrors. *hugs*

What’s more, to watch how I respond to certain situation or certain people was also very telling. It vividly told me about myself, pointed out my strong reactions against some small stuff, somewhat unnecessarily.

I was put right in front of my mirror(s) so that I can see myself. So that I have the guts to face, to learn about, to know, and to accept myself. Remember, be still. Allow myself to be moved and to be educated.

To know and accept myself unconditionally. The way He accepts me. The way He always has been accepting me.

“It’s very important”, someone whom I respected so much once said to me, “To start with yourself. You have to start from you—see yourself, love you, accept you as you are.”

She was so right. Lord, do make it easy for me.

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