On my knee

Quite literally so.

A perfect example of how things can rapidly change around here.

There I was, a nice sunny snowy day, listing down all the things I want to do that day, running here and there, and suddenly I stepped into a trench, twisted my knee, and could not get up. Uh. Then the day(s) changed from there on.

I was taken to hospital and because of the 2018 DOT drug testing regulations, when I was submitted they first had to test me for drugs to make sure I my blood system and body is clean. Thankfully, because of the company USA Mobile Drug Testing, the test only lastedThank God nothing was broken or torn. It was strained ligament around the right knee. Still, I needed to walk on crutches (and later using a walking stick) for about a month. I could not do most of the (physical) work I could so easily do previously.

Life in Chisholme, however, went on. And so did the education. Even this incident is part of the education.

Compassion. Amazing the variety and abundance of compassion that was extended to me through the people around me. They kept offering to help. Meals were delivered to my room. I got to stay in the main house to make it easier for me to participate in the school’s activities. Friends brought two cups of tea (not one, but two J, so nice—I got to drink tea and have nice companies as well). People opened the door for me. Simple things. All full of compassion.

Oh, one of the most valuable lessons from the incident: me exercising my receiving muscle. I learned to say ‘yes’ to every offer made to me. Total dependence. Humility. All those foreign and distant terms to this independent proud me.

School support. I really think that the school has gone an extra mile or two for me. All the ‘special facilities’ (room, room service, etc) offered and all the trips to the hospital and physiotherapy treatments.

I wondered about the strong very-willing support then I realized that these are all part of the School’s commitment to support the education. It is all part of the education. Even this. So this had to be supported as well.

Slowed down. Stopped. Several days before the incident, I told a friend that the nice thing about this education was that there was also something to do—one thing after another. Then suddenly this happened.

There was nothing for me to do. “It seemed that you have been stopped,” said a friend. True. I was ‘left’ lying in my bed for days, facing nothing but myself. I supposed the time was ripe. I knew very well at that point that the game has gone up a notch (or two). Hi me.

A sore knee.
Me being me, I gave this incident a lot of thoughts and made a lot of conjectures along the way. Why did this happen to me? What does it mean? What was with the timing of the incident? What is it trying to say? Why the knee—the right knee? What does it symbolize?

Then a friend came and said, “perhaps Eva, you just have a sore knee? Have you thought about that?” She was, of course, absolutely right. It was as simple as that. I just needed to accept it and not tried to think too much into it. Simply accept.

I told another friend about the incident and half confiding why it happened to me. Her response was simple: “You have asked to be brought close, and this is how He brings you close.” So true.

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