The six months

“So how was your six-month experience?” asked a friend. For those of you who did not know, just as background info, I have just spent six months in Scotland, UK, as a student of the six-month intensive course in esoteric education in Beshara School.

Did I say intensive? I meant, INTENSIVE 😀

Let me quote you something from the school’s website on the course: “The Six-month intensive Course is of the nature of a retreat course, which runs for six months without a break and consists of an intensive daily programme, which includes study, work, meditation and devotional practices.

The course begins with an introduction to esoteric education. It takes as its starting point – as does every aspect of the course – the essential unity of all existence. The course material then goes on to explore the reality and possibilities of what it means to be a human being, and the knowledge, means and orientation that will bring the student to the full realisation of his or her potential.”

Did I hear you say, “uh?” ? :p

I will not spend my time writing about what I did there because such description would not really do justice to what I have experienced during these months. [Check out the school’s website for more info].

I figured the best way for me to provide you with glimpses of my experiences would be to give you some anecdotes and what they mean to me.

So here goes.

PS: Note to self: got to put pics in the threads.

PPS: Still got to write about several other things, including the Turkey trip!!! And a poem for you, as promised.

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