What do you want for christmas?

I loved that question. The question was posed during a conversation on Christmas day.

“What do you want for Christmas?” he said. Everybody then secretly and not so secretly started to state his/her wishes, including me.

Then he continued, “knowing for certain that you are going to get it?” Everybody fell silent, including me. Doubts emerged. Such is the quality of faith and trust I have for Him and my relationship with Him, along with the certainty I have upon my request to Him and His generosity.

Funny people that we are. We ask for something that we know we cannot get ourselves, even as we ask we doubt whether we will be given. And for things that we think we can get ourselves, we arrogantly do not even bother to ask. Then we complain that we never satisfy.

[Note to self: Write more about request in this blog from the beautiful Chapter on Seth of the Fusus al Hikam.]

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