speechless – a friend’s story

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I wanted to share this story of a friend of mine with all of you.

I could not think of a better way of sharing this than to simply copy and paste my friend’s story and leave it at that. Her story says it all.

It is rather long, but definitely worth the time. So please, do read on.

Shared today at 1:11am by Ida

It all started with a very trivial matter: a scratch on the side of the car.

Mum, Dad and I were 5 minutes away from getting home, driving slowly on a bumpy road, when something scratched the left side of the car. Just to make sure everything was ok, Dad pulled over and got down the car with Mum. A motorcycle also pulled over.

Romi Sondakh, the young man who drove it, walked over to Dad with an annoyed look on his face. After denying having anything to do with the scratch, he rudely swore on Dad’s face and walked away. Instinctively, Dad wrote down the motorcycle’s license number.

That was when Romi went out of control. He suddenly turned around and started hitting Dad. Mum impulsively went between Dad and Romi to stop the assault. Instead, he also assaulted Mum, even when another guy had tried to pull him away.

Dad is in his early sixties, with white hair and non-aggressive body language. Mum is in her late fifties with a naturally mumsy figure. So I really did not expect this lean, muscular young man to assault both my parents over something very trivial.

It all happened so fast. In an attempt to evade Romi’s assault, Mum and Dad kept on stepping back… until they hit a large pan full of boiling oil behind them.

The next thing I knew, Dad was on the floor, writhing, and Mum was shouting on top of her voice – both from her own pain and from seeing Dad. Romi then ran away, but only after taking several seconds to hit me too.

It was amazing how Dad had the strength to stand up, give suggestions of what to do next and after around 30 minutes with no first aid, hopped into a taxi with Mum to go to the hospital. Dad had serious burn wounds on his chest, stomach, thighs and arms. Mum was burned on her bottom, thighs and calves, some reaching third degree.

So, life totally changed for our family. For the next three weeks we all lived in the hospital. Mum and Dad would spend their days and nights in pain, but also being very strong and, amazingly, very loving. Little did I know that life will change even more. Permanently.

Dad’s wounds were healing satisfactorily. He might even make it to my brother’s graduation ceremony on 18 April 2009. That was what the doctor said on Friday, 3 April 2009. Although from the beginning the doctors had warned that Dad’s burns could affect his vulnerable heart, Dad’s heart showed strength.

So it really came as a surprise when he had trouble breathing on the evening of that same Friday. He then went into a coma the morning after and passed away the next day, 5 April 2009, on a Palm Sunday one week before Easter.

Witnessing one of the worst sides of humanity made me realize even more how fallen our world is and how grievous sin is. Everyone has sinned and falls short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23).

Ida and fam

It does not take much for humans to hurt other human beings. By dying on the cross, Jesus paid for the sins of the world and secured an everlasting life for us. It really is amazing that God gave himself for us, even when we do not deserve it.

It is not easy for our family to cope. Sometimes I wish this is all a bad dream that will soon end. We all miss Dad so much, yet we have to be strong for each other. Especially for Mum who is still in the hospital, doing her best to recover soon. We are also really thankful for family and friends who provide endless prayers and support.

Knowing that one day I will be reunited with Dad in a world free of hurt, free of sorrow and free of violence gives me hope. This is possible because Jesus’ death and resurrection mean that those who live and those who died in Christ will be reconciled with the Holy God in a perfect world (Thes 4:13-18).

Easter reminds me the price Jesus had to pay to give us eternal life. “For God so loved the world, that he gave His only son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16).”

Hope you and your loved ones are coping well. He loves you. *hugs*

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