Iqra’ – read!

[Bahasa Indonesia]
iqra“Iqra’ bismi rabbika lladzi khalaqa — Read, in the name of thy Sustainer, who has created.” (Al Qur’an – 96:1)

I have heard this several times.

People use this verse whenever they remind themselves or others that we need to read (properly before commenting on things).

The last time I heard that verse being used, it stuck with me.

Read. It emphasizes how important it is to read and to learn.

Read. You read something that is written down, i.e. all knowledge that is recorded by means of writing.

Muhammad Asad in his commentary in The Message of the Qur’an said that the verse emphasizes “man’s unique ability to transmit, by means of written records, his thoughts, experiences and insights from individual to individual, from generation to generation, and from one cultural environment to another endows all human knowledge with a cumulative character.”

Asad continued to say “since every human being partakes in mankind’s continuous accumulation of knowledge, man is spoken of as being taught by God things which the single individual does not—or cannot—know by himself. “

That is so true. Books have been very good friends of mine in this journey. I personally think this also means that we learn from one another.

Read. You read situations. You pay attention to what is around you and within. You learn from that. You read to understand. And in this life, you read to receive and understand God’s message to man (referring to a Hadits by Bukhari).

Recently I have just noticed another thing from this verse. The verse did not just say “read”. It says “read in the name of thy Sustainer who has created”.

“In the name of thy Sustainer”—I think this statement makes all the difference. It sets the tone to our reading. It sets our intention.

Note: whenever I say “you”, I mean “we”, I mean “I”.

Pic taken from here.

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