a friendly reminder

[Bahasa Indonesia]
PrayerWhat a way to end the day, with two meetings with two different groups of dear friends.

Groups of friends who remind me of Him, of me—the best groups there are.

First, I attended a house warming celebration.

My friend came from a Christian tradition and the family did the mass procession (Am I using the correct term?) I followed and listened intently.

Your loyalty, My Lord, touched my heart, every morning it becomes clearer (PKJ 138:1,3).

Every morning, it becomes clearer. It reminded me, looking back, of how clear they were. It reminded me of a scene from Paulo Coelho’s Veronica Decides to Die, where [spoiler warning] it turns out that Veronica was not sick. She just thought she was. Hence, whenever she woke up, she thought everyday was a miracle. It was a miracle for her to be alive.

I truly know that You are holding me tight (NKB 128,: 1, 4).

He does. I just don’t remember. I often forget that He is here, however close He is. The clouds in my eyes often keep me from seeing this. Or is it denial that I am feeling?

There are so many things that You have done, Oh Lord, Your miracles and Your intent for me. Nothing is equal with You.

I want to spread the words, but there are just too many things that I have lost count (Mazmur, 40:6).

So many things. So many. Where should I start?

From here. From now. From now on. To respond to God’s love by being humble before Him. By accepting ourselves as God has accepted us.

By believing–if not knowing–that God always has a beautiful plan for us: for us to become blessings and love for the whole world. To worship Him. To be inclined to Him. To remember.

By end of the mass, I thought, what a way to end this day. Little that I knew that the day has not ended yet. I went to see another group of dear friends.

We talked about how we fill our lives with things that we love, almost like things that we are destined to do or to be. To be ourselves. To accept ourselves, and make the best of what or who we are. And having fun while we are at it. Sorry to be so cryptic.

Similar messages. Same day. What a strong message for me. What a day.

Thank you. Thank You.

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