everyday heroes

I have decided to add a new page in this blog of mine, as a tribute to people from all walks of life who dedicate (some of) their time to help others and to the betterment of society. The list is still scarce, but I am working on it.

They have started doing something. Hope you are next on the line.

Coin A Chance!

coinbanner125x1251Started in Jakarta, Coin A Chance! is a social movement originated by two friends Hanny and Nia. It invites all friends and foe to collect their coins and ‘exchange’ it with opportunities for needy children to go to school.

You can learn more about them by visiting their website in coinachance.com

Daya Dimensi’s Employee Program

An Indonesian human resources consultancy Daya Dimensi Indonesia offers five million per month for a group of employees—each month different group—to conduct any social activities of their choice. Some groups take orphans for a fun day out, some help improve local children libraries, etc. Simple initiatives, real impacts—for those who are helped, and for the employees as well. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

Gantina’s edu program

A dear friend of mine, Gantina, organizes a group of friend to help ensure needy children around her neighborhood enjoy their education. Unfortunately, the only online info about her program is here. Let me know if you want to know more of it.

Yayasan Alang-Alang

🙂 I have just realized how I love education programs. Here’s another one from a friend, Melati. She has formed a foundation Yayasan Alang-Alang to set up places where children can learn and play, and read in a simple library. The education may take place in a dedicated center, somebody’s house, mosque, etc. I have written about her here, here and here.

2 thoughts on “everyday heroes

  1. Yudhis

    Salut, ide yang bagus dan mulia utk mendedikasikan info seperti ini

    mitra-mitra kita di daerah juga bisa juga tuh masuk kategori everyday heroes :), sayangnya amat jarang mereka yang punya situs atau blog yg bisa dilihat kegiatannya.


  2. Eva Post author

    Benar, saya yakin banyak sekali everyday heroes di tengah-tengah kita.

    beberapa teman seperti Gantina dan Mbak Mel juga tidak punya blog.

    Yang saya lakukan adalah menulis tentang mereka di blog saya, kemudian kalau ada yang tertarik bisa tanya ke saya contact details-nya. Mungkin Mas juga bisa melakukan hal yang sama.

    Atau mereka kita ajarin buat web/blog.



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