would you recommend it?

[Bahasa Indonesia]

I have spent this past month meeting friends and colleagues. Almost all, naturally, asked me about my experience of six months being in Chisholme for a Beshara‘s intensive course in esoteric education. To those who asked, I shared my experience gladly. Whatever questions may arise.

Top of the hill, Chisholme, Scotland.One question stopped me just the other day: “Would you recommend this course to your friends?” Very good question. I smiled and responded, “I would not go around proactively telling everybody to take this course. It is a calling. It needs to come from within.”

Everyone’s journey is personal and private. I hope I am not a person who would force her way to anyone. Nor do I hope that I would hamper anyone from walking his or her journey.

The only recommendation that came to mind was the kind advise my supervisor told us when we were facing tough times: “Hold on fast to the rope of God in collectivity and don’t let yourselves fall apart.” Believe only Him.

Listen to your heart, what has it been saying to you?

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