A typical family lunch

10AM. A window appeared on my Adium. It was my sister. “Lunch?” she said. Yes!! Of course, yes!! Today? Okay! Another one popped up in the conversation. A cousin. We would be having lunch near her office.

10.30AM. I SMS-ed my brother and he immediately said yes to the invitation.

11.45AM. I packed up my things and told a friend that my sis was coming. Why? She’s going to have lunch. Oh with whom? With me!

12.00 noon. My sis came to my office to pick me up.

Family lunch12.30 PM. We arrived at the restaurant. My cousin came a bit later. “Oh my god, how are you? It’s been quite some time. When was it that we last met? Errr, breakfast this morning?”

01.00PM. My brother arrived. His linguini was getting cold. We continued chatting and uploading pictures to Facebook 🙂

01.20PM. A full plate of pizza, linguini, calamari, salad, melted chocolate and free flow of ice lemon tea later, a waiter passed by our table. My brother and I looked at each other immediately and called the waiter. “What was that? Yes, we want one, please.”

01.30PM-ish. Time to go. “Okay then .. until we meet again? When will that be? Um, dinner tonight at mom’s place? See ya!”

Blissful moments. Lovely family. I am truly blessed.

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