Who am I?

[Bahasa Indonesia]

Ramadhan bersama RumiNote from Ramadhan with Rumi , Day 4
Speaker: Felia Salim

Who am I? Oh the eternal question. The discussion on who I am and what I should do with my life involve a discussion on self knowledge.

Bulent Rauf, a consultant to The Beshara School, once wrote a short note titled ”What is the most important point that must be understood by a person who wants to know?”

He said “It is that there is only One, Unique, Absolute, Infinite Existence. It must be more than an idea. One has to be so completely certain of it that one adopts it through reason and intuition as the basic, unshakeable fact of one’s existence.

When it is like that in one’s existence then every possible ramification that occurs to one is seen as not being outside The Existence, but as being an aspect of it.”

Thus if we want to know, if we yearn for the Real Knowledge, we need to hold fast to the certainty that there is only One Existence. This needs to be adopted through reason and intuition.

Then we walk our life. During our life journey, it is humane to try develop various kinds of plan for our life. But does our life always go according to our plans, thoughts and anticipations?

In such situation, it is better if we keep putting forward our best efforts and at the same time leave the results to Him, the Creator, and always have in mind that whatever occurrence happens, it is not outside The Existence, but is an aspect of it.

Such act of surrender can be formed through humility. Our journey then becomes a journey to be humble, a journey to total humility.

Humility can be trained among other things through gratitude.

This morning, I read a note from a friend’s Facebook page. A hadits that says ”Do not underestimate any good deeds, even if it is just a friend with a happy face and a smile”. I think if we can adopt this attitude, then we will realize how abundant His gift and grace us to us.

Humility should also be accompanied with a habit to apologize to other people (or being?) whenever we have conducted an error. This is a training to position ourselves not higher than other people and view ourselves—and even our mistakes—in all honesty.

Personally, the most interesting parts were during the question and answer session. Those questions always geared me towards contemplative moments, realizing that their questions are my questions as well.

One ask the benefit of self knowledge. Felia quoted a hadits that says”know thyself, know thy Lord.” Amin. By knowing Him, we know His wishes and His plans on us. Our life would be guided (directly by Him) and we will be able to fulfill our function as rahmatan lil alamin – grace for all beings.

This reminds me of a poem by Rumi:

I have lived on the lip
Of insanity, wanting to know reasons
Knocking on a door. It opens
I’ve been knocking from the inside

Another participant asked the relationship between humility and self knowledge. Interesting. Logically speaking, humility is crucial not only in self knowledge but for any pursue of any knowledge.

Through humility, we admit that we do not know everything, there are knowledge that we do not have that others may have. Through humility, we automatically open our heart to know knowledge that we are about to receive. Only a humble and open heart may receive education from the Great Love.

There was also another participant that asked whether there could be one certain and permanent answer that he could bring with him from this discussion.

Frankly speaking, I forgot how the discussion was about this. But I think answers and knowledge are God’s prerogative. If He wants to, even this second we would know. No man can give guarantee.

We should, however, understand and be certain that God the Compassionate are always providing His clues within and around us at all times. He wants us to know Him more than our yearning to know Him. Such is God’s Love to us.

Felia’s invitation towards the end of the discussion to ”start asking and keep asking” to me sounds like God’s loving invitation for us to always want to know Him better.

As Rumi said,

Inside a lover’s heart
There is another world
And yet another

Next: This afternoon’s (25 Aug) topic: Self knowledge: From Whence to Thence – Inna lillaahi wa inna ilaihi raajiun.
Speaker: Basuki Hardjoseokatmo

Ramadhan with Rumi is a collaboration between Dharmawangsa Square with Pusaka Hati. It is a series of Ramadhan discussion events, bazaars, an appreciation towards Rumi and book exchange event.

The discussions talk about universal perspective, self-knowledge, love & beauty, and service, with Rumi’s poems as starting points. They are held from 24 August to 11 September from Monday to Friday, from 5.15pm until the time of breaking the fast. Drinks and snacks are provided.

For more information on the event and Life Begins @ 40 click here http://www.lifeat40.com/lifeevents.asp or call Puput/Jatmiko at 6221 7205066
Fore more information on Pusaka Hati, click www.pusakahati.com
For more information on Beshara, click www.beshara.org
For more information on Rumi, google “Rumi” ☺

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