Where is health?

[Bahasa Indonesia]
It is unusual to ask where health is since often people refer to health as a condition in general. But when I further thought about it, people use the word healthy to refer to condition of either a specific part of our body or the body as a whole. Here lies the clue about where health actually resides: it is everywhere.

Health is present in every part of our body. It is like human DNA, or even more delicate and smaller. Each cell of the body, every level of our body knows what health is. The very definition of health is well imprinted in us. It is part of our essence. For as long as a human being is alive (or any creature for that matter), we always have health, one way or the other.

Hence, ‘being sick’ is by no means the same as having no health at all. What we often call being sick is a lack of expression of health. That is, health is still here—or there—in potential, in its latent mode, but did not find its way to fully express or manifest itself for our lament eyes to see.

From this point of view, healing would mean giving ways for health to express itself at its own pace. Once the permission is given—and health knows if and when the permission has been given—health would arise to the surface, although the process might not happen in a single instant.

This approach is a more positive, kinder, and wiser one to the body. We start with the certainty and knowledge that health is there, giving our subconscious mind a more optimistic, truer view of life. We let health to take its course, allowing the natural flow of Life to happen.

Furthermore, I’d like to think that health is even finer and less rigid than a physical DNA. It flows so subtly throughout our physical body and beyond. At the same time, it knows very well the borders that determine our physical, emotional and spiritual body. Health is part of a more universal Health, a Universal Essence. We are all inter-connected and in reality one.

The challenge for us—or rather, for me—is two fold. Firstly, I need to take this new understanding of health to my heart and to really apply this new understanding. Secondly, I need to practice witnessing (or acknowledging or even embracing) the presence of health in my body or others and allowing health to express itself at its own pace.

This is my current response to the question “where is health?” I suspect that once I am more adept in listening to our body, I can feel the presence of health even stronger and notice various behaviors of health in different parts of the body at particular conditions—understanding the messages it is trying to convey to me, for me to respond accordingly.

Originally written as part of the home study exercises for the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Training at Body Intelligence.

Picture taken from here.

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