No hesitation. Got it

[Bahasa Indonesia]
It is early evening and the pavement is wet due to rain. I am walking from the train station to my hostel when I see a visually impaired middle-age lady walking before me. She is alone, with her walking stick.

I mull over whether I should help her walk along the pavement or whether it would be better to let her be with herself. I hesitate.

A familiar feeling. This is the second time it has happened today.

Earlier today, I ggot on a bus and thought the steps were extremely high for the likes of senior citizens or people with weak knee. I sat and saw a senior lady got on the bus. She was obviously struggling.

I kept watching her and wondered whether she would make it. Should I help? I asked myself. I was a bit far, at the other end of the bus and there were quite a number of people between her and me. I decided not to move a muscle.

The lady almost fell down. She grabbed whatever she could grab in panic. The people behind her managed to catch her and helped her up.

Fast forward to now: me still walking on the pavement before the visually impaired lady.

Again, I hesitate. Then suddenly a younger woman walk pass me and without a slight hint of hesitation she takes the lady’s hand and walk with her, chatting happily. They are strangers. Well, were. They are strangers no more.

They part ways after crossing the road. They exchange a gesture of gratitude and bid farewell. Just like that. Life goes on for everybody.

I cannot help but smile. Yes, I see. No hesitation. Just follow the hunch.

I keep walking behind the visually impaired lady. She walks rather slowly. I pass her by but somehow I cannot help but keep looking back. I want to make sure that she is all right.

Another crossroad. The lady is struggling. The signs on the pavement for the visually impaired are not exactly the clearest in the world. It seems that there have been a lot of roadwork that have muddled the sign post.

Ah. She banged her head on the road sign just by the crossroad.

That very moment, I immediately return to her and offer my hand and help her across the road. Just like that. We part ways soon after.
Again, I cannot help but smile. Yes, I see. No hesitation. Just follow the hunch.

Picture taken from here.

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