To be heard

[Bahasa Indonesia]

It is the way you listen to me
It is how you seem to really hear me
You don’t always understand me, I know
It does not matter, for even I don’t always do either
You have heard me. I am heard

I always knew listening was an art
I did not realize how subtle it was until recently
To really listen, without much judgment or urge to comment
To sit there and simply be

Mind you, I still don’t know how to do that
To really listen, to simply hear
But I have had a taste, whenever we sit or walk together
At those times, my heart understands a bit better

How can it be
That a simple exchange of “how are you?” “I am fine, thank you.”
feels like a complete conversation when it is with you
The hearts have spoken. Have heard. Have been heard.

Truly God is Kind

The last time we parted, I said to you,
“This morning, I was thinking: I love you, but it is not you.”
You nodded with an understated smile, “I know what you mean.”
I knew you would understand. Like only you would
Our friendship is greater than you and me

And I always remember
That beautiful invitation that was conveyed through you
“Listen, to what cannot yet be heard.”

I am still listening.

Pictures taken from here.

1 thought on “To be heard

  1. Eva Post author

    “Because I think you can hear me,” said I, responding to your question on why I told you my stories at first place. You’re one of the very few people. Said I, truthfully, from the bottom of my heart.



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