[Bahasa Indonesia]

Occasionally, I wonder why I am doing what I am doing. Or What I am doing at all. Something is not pitching perfectly. But I am not sure what and I don’t know how to move on (or out of) the situation. A sense of restlessness arises, and refuses to subside. Like a persistent soft knock at the door.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those moments. I was in a car, driving. Then suddenly I heard this song over the radio. Loosely translated into English:

As the night was bare without stars
An overcast image of the moon emerged
A gripping stillness and quietude
Even the breeze was keeping her hush very low

I stood there, in complete silence, gazing at nature
The surrender in me has gone deeper
The world and all that it contains
A painting of the Almighty

Life in this world
Never seizes to amaze me
More and more, I come to realise the grandeur
God’s masterpiece

The morning dew and wet grass
The green leaves and colorful flowers
Chirping of birds on the branches
The sun shines ever so brightly

And I can feel this, now stronger than ever
As blessings that You have endowed (to me)
I shall never take another step
Without Your guidance, O Lord

My heart melted. I could feel the reminder. I supposed, we’re still in conversation, God. Thank You. Playing me a song on a radio, uh? Cool.

Then the radio played the call to prayer. The conversation continues.

Picture taken at Losari coffee Plantation, Central Java, Indonesia
Lyric above was originally from the song “Hening” by Chrisye

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