The Night of Decree (1): A message for you and me

[Bahasa Indonesia]

In the name of God, the Gracious, the Compassionate.

We have sent it down in the Night of Decree.
Do you know what the Night of Decree is?
The Night of Decree is better than one thousand months.
The angels and the Spirit come down in it by their Lord’s leave to carry out every matter.
It is peaceful until the coming of dawn.

QS Al Qadr (97):1-5

These verses become most popular during the Ramadhan month, as a popular exposition of the verses is that the Night of Decree (Arabic: lailatul qadr) happens on the odd dates of the last ten days of Ramadhan (so 21, 23, 25, 27, 29).

While I do not doubt the possibility of obtaining the blessing of Night of Decree during those dates, I do believe that the verses carry a universal, deeper and more expansive meaning to all human being, regardless of our background and beliefs.

What I am about to write is a personal reflection and sharing of personal thoughts based on a conversation I had this morning.

The world is God’s way of telling us who He is, who we truly are. It is God’s way of showing the Truth. It is possible for everybody to realize this. Not everybody, however, see this or make the effort to do so.

Only those who have stillness and silence in the kernel of their heart can really see His Signs, to see things as they are, according to God’s original intention and Decree.

These are the people who remember God at all time, never take their gaze from God, and contemplate over the universe. Such contemplation and remembrance will lead to the awareness of the reality behind all creation, to see things as they are. It would bring about realization that nothing is created without a purpose, that all is but a movement of love, His.

With such awareness, one could not possibly help but glorifying God, to negate Him from all negative supposition. And these hearts’ greatest and only fear is to be distanced, to be away, from Him and hence to see mere creation without being able to see the reality behind it. These hearts would know the true meaning of wherever you turn, there is God’s presence.

If the stillness and silence, the realization, were to be experienced, it would be better than any other moments in life put together. It is a moment of union.

After that, life in this plurality would be seen with different eyes. Our greeting and interaction with life would have a different color, different quality. Our life would be filled with goodness. The godly qualities would be dominant in our thoughts, feelings, words and conducts.

And if this is so, then there will be peace of perfection. Such peacefulness, happiness would continue on until one day, everything would be clear, enlightenment. Then what we do would be based on what is right, not on like or dislike. Everything would be with complete permission from Him. We cannot help but do what is right, and what is right is what has been Decreed. We would live in harmony with Life itself. This is, I believe, why you and I are here in this world. It is our purpose in life. May God make it easy for us.

If you read thus far, chances are you recognize what I am talking about, despite your background or belief systems. Isn’t it amazing how universal the message is? Now, if you want to get into details, let’s look at each verse in this post.

Picture taken from here.

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