I saw a child walking to school…

[Bahasa Indonesia]

One misty morning in Baturiti, Bali, as the sun shyly making her first appearance of the day, there was a child walking by himself to school.

My gaze followed his every step. I wonder what was so attractive to me about this child in school uniform walking to school.

Perhaps it is his confident enthusiastic steps. Children are such a beautiful strong example of how we can walk or do anything with all our body and soul, without any hesitation, without worries. Being total. Being spontaneous. Being enthusiastic.

Perhaps it is his walking eagerly towards his friends at the end of the street, and how they enthusiastically greet one another as they meet. Ah, childhood friendship, when we have no other considerations in choosing friends other than “because I just like them.” We never chose. Friendship chose us. And we embrace it with all our heart, because we don’t know how to be otherwise.

Perhaps it is the fact that he was going to school. We seldom realize how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy our school years, to have education (one way or another). My heart often sinks a bit every time I hear a child not being able to continue his education.

Perhaps it is simple the fact that he was walking, making his effort on foot to go to his school. There is something about walking towards the destination for me. Something about using nothing but what we have, our body, moving every part of our body, to reach where we are going.

Perhaps it is simply because he was just a child. A universal symbol of purity. A soul full of joy, love and spontaneity. My longing to return.

Perhaps. I don’t know which. I am not sure why. And that’s okay.

It was a misty morning in Baturiti. A child was walking by himself to school. And my gaze followed his every step. I smiled as he greeted his friends at the end of the street. The whole scene was a pure expression of Love and Joy.

Thank you for such beautiful scenery.

Picture was taken from here.

Note: I couldn’t find a picture of elementary school children walking in paddy field to reflect the article. Wish you were there with me.

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