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[Article] Look, Ma, No hands! – An article on travelling

First published on The Jakarta Post Weekender, Dec 2011, Travel issue

Ah, that classic scene of a child on her bike, waving, shouting proudly to her mom, full of happiness and a sense of fulfillment and freedom, oblivious to the fact that, at any moment, she just might lose her balance and fall. Who cares? At the time, she is simply on top of the world!

And that, ladies and gents, pretty much sums up how I feel about travel.

By far this is somehow the most difficult piece for me to write for the WEEKENDER, which is odd. Among friends, I am known as a seasoned traveler. Yet I found myself struggling to sum up my feelings about traveling in 1000 words.

I treasure the times I travel. I want to give travel its due without exaggerating it. I want to stay honest with my experiences. So I asked myself: what is it about traveling that entices me most, what does it mean to me and what does it do to me?
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