Let me brew you a cup of tea

[Bahasa Indonesia]

I always dream of having a tea house
A comfy, leisurely wooden tea house
Huge fluffy pillows here and there
Batik and other ethnic ornaments hanging or lying about
(Oh, books too!)
And always, always friendly faces
A casual place that may not be so tidy but feels just right

Doesn’t really matter where it may be geographically
But it will definitely be reachable for you
Walking distance
Or even just by the road that you are walking upon

I dream of having this place
Where friends can stop by
Whenever they feel like it
Where you can briefly stop
Take your hat off
And put it aside for a moment

Enjoy a deep breather and a chat
Familiar friendly faces
Soothing traditional music
Cups of warm(ing) tea to your liking
Some organic snacks or meals
And good companies

In this tea house
I would sit for days on end
No, that’s not true, I’d be doing this and that
Cleaning, redecorating, preparing and embracing the space
Perchance that you drop by
I will take care of it so attentively
As if it were my own self, my own heart, my own soul
Perhaps it is

And when you do visit, we’ll smile at each other
Hugs, real hugs, big bear hugs
We’d chat about everything and anything
Laugh, cry, stare, say nothing, or sing
Doesn’t matter which
We’d just be us, be however we want
What matters is
That you’re here, I’m here
In a place at rest

I will have a nice-size garden
Right there, by the tea house
You can see the garden clearly
from where you are sitting, btw

Growing all kinds of herbs, flowers and trees
Kneaded by my own two hands
Organically, I must add

From which I shall harvest
That tea I would serve you with
If you stay until dusk, you might be able to hear nightingale singing

This tea house is a place to rest
Where friends meet and embrace one another
Where strangers become friends, then probably strangers again
As there is always a part of us still unknown, yet to be discovered
I don’t mean this to be a place for you to stay forever
It’s just a place for brief—or not so brief—visits
Whenever you feel like friendly faces, warm tea,
and even warmer conversations

In fact, I don’t want you to stay here forever
For I know you must continue your journey some time
But until then
Let me brew you a cup of tea
Let’s see, chamomile, rose buds, green tea, fennel or ordinary?
And tell me how you are, how you really are, not just how you feel

Pictures taken from here, here, here, and here.

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