Daily Archives: April 3, 2012

“No need to do anything. Just be. Just surrender.”

[Bahasa Indonesia]

a.k.a Longing (II)

There were five of us
He spoke of sincerity, of acceptance, of returning to purity
Of the Truth that we forever long for
Whether we know it or not

I sat in silence, eyes closed
Trying to sense the feeling that exists
That doesn’t feel like it exists
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Apparently longing…

[Bahasa Indonesia]

a.k.a Longing (I)

Apparently longing
Doesn’t necessarily dissolve upon encounter
Like how I felt
The last time we were together

The clock was ticking, and we were drowned
In intimate converse, spread with a dash of laughter and occasional silence
With nothing—or no one—between us
Until it was time to part
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