Life can be simple(r)

[Bahasa Indonesia]

Words entice me. God must have known that. I am a sucker for witty statements. I love playing with words. I pay attention to what people (I) say, and to what they (I) don’t. I respond to situations through words. Or through lack of them.

I wrote these words as a response to recent incidents in my life: “Life can be simple(r).”

To my surprise, I received an instant reply: “@kukywa RT @MindBodyGreen: Byron Katie: Life Is Simple cc @evamuchtar ☺”

I clicked the link and found another quote:

“Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it… it’s just easier if you do.”

Byron Katie

Absolutely, I thought. Not only life can be simple. It already is.

I have an active brain (No complain there, God. Thanks). Too active for my own good in some cases. I have some ideas what “complicated” means—and what it may do to my thoughts, my body, my emotional states, and my life.

That was probably why I ‘decided’ to tone it down a bit; to simplify—my life, my my way of thinking, my way of being. So when whatever happened to me recently happened, I padded myself on the back for being able to keep it simple and straightforward.

Then I read this. Actually I read these three.

O those who have chosen God has their way of life, who are comfortable, who have felt peace and are in peace choosing God has their aim in life. This is the meaning of Iman (faith, belief).

I immediately melted.

It was really like someone was saying this to me and only to me directly, with her whole being and a kind smile. I was spoken to with kindness. I have been reminded. And she went straight to that “I” who listens, who can hear, who feels pure, who loves.

Then this came along:

Allahu laa ilaaha illa huwa (God, there is no god but He). He is the God who have the power over the life and death of His creatures. Only to Him all devotions intended.

Wow. I’ll try my best to describe my response. It was like everything went out of focus and my eyes found a new focus. And the eyes like this new focus. Perhaps this is where they naturally need and want to be. Here, the eyes, and the rest of the being, can find their rest. Being at rest is one thing. Being at rest while having a focus is another. How cool.

An invitation to go deeper. To know, that there is more.

Then the next words came along shortly after:

Whoever is devoted (to Me), I shall ease their life, pour My blessings from all directions, according to My measurements (and He knows best). If you surrender your life, He will take care of you.

I smiled. It is not only the eyes that find their rest now. My whole being went relaxed yet it has a clear direction for facing, like—as a friend described, “that middle-age lady we saw who leaned against that pillar in the mosque facing the Kaa’bah.” Fully leaning, complete surrender, with total confidence, yearning, and utter love.

I am good Hands. I can relax now. Life is indeed wonderful. Thank you for keep conversing with me. And thank you this hearing.

PS: Background music on my iTunes (shuffle mode): An Indonesian song from a group Dew19 (with upbeat music) “You (turn out to be) the only One, who understands me. Forgive me, for forgetting you, a bit…”

And another Indonesian song titled “All because of love.” – And if I am standing strong until today, it is not because of my strength and might. It is all because of love. It is all because love. I would not have been able to stand strong. Thank you, Love.

☺ ☺ Play on!

PPS: Commemorating The Ascension of Jesus Christ. May we be ascended as those who have been brought close.

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