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Study: Isra’ Mi’raj


To the question: How and where you find your inspiration?

The question gets me thinking: Is there an action that does not spring out of inspiration? Surely, everything must be inspired for it to move or to be. Hence we are all inspired beings. Now, to the question, Where and how do I find my inspiration? Continue reading

To the question: Where would you like your life to take you?

To Him.
To happiness.
To Love.
To fully realising the true Me.
To be wherever He wants me to be. To witness what He wants me to witness. In awe and gratitude.
To be a rahmatan-lil-alamin (blessings to the world).

And when I am that—when I am already with Him, I am happy, I love and am loved, and when I am becoming me—as I believe I am, I simply want more. Until that “I” is no more. Continue reading

On Discipline: What good is beating yourself up when you want love?

Some papers just come at exactly the right moment. Perhaps they always do—as with all things in life, but we just don’t realise it.

So there I was, mulling over the word “discipline” – discipline at work, discipline on physical exercise, discipline on diet, discipline on rest, etc. Then suddenly this paper was just delivered straight to my lap.
Continue reading