To the question: How and where you find your inspiration?

The question gets me thinking: Is there an action that does not spring out of inspiration? Surely, everything must be inspired for it to move or to be. Hence we are all inspired beings. Now, to the question, Where and how do I find my inspiration?

Come to think of it, it’s probably the other way around. The inspiration finds me. Relevant inspirations come to me depending on what I need and how I am at that moment. It is a matter of me being able to listen, to notice, and to rise with it–whenever,  wherever, and whatever I am doing.

To me one of the best papers for such guidance is an extract of Osman Fazli’s teaching:

Man does not possess anything else but his sensibilities as his real organ of intelligence, and without Divine action man cannot even use his memory which is his sacred treasury of experience acquired long ago.

The initiate, the saint, insân al-kâmil, is he who possesses the faculty of being able to recognise the true non-existence of his faculties of thought and his own impotence in putting them in motion. It is he who leaves all the ‘space’ to God and who passes all his life in controlling his intimate faithfulness, in actions, ‘thoughts’ or in the acts that materialise them. It is he who prays constantly to God, even if it be only by a breath or by a movement of the heart, when he perceives the natural and constant phenomena of thought.

In fact everybody knows that this faculty is permanent, constant, irresistibly active. The intimate work of the mystic consists, therefore in trying to attain the Divine proximity, to respond to His infinite clemence by his recognition, or through zikr (remembrance), whenever thoughts, ‘visitors from heaven’, manifest in his interior.

Good or tempting, these visitors have for their mission the exercising of our discernment to the most subtle degree of ‘Good and Evil’, whereby we accord them our consent or we refuse them.

Hence, I have been given the inspirations abundantly. My work is to listen, to trust, and to rise with it, allow it to flourish and materialise through me. To enjoy and be grateful of them. This is truly how I feel when I am writing, and when I am speaking—when I am being. Words simply flow. I simply be. And it feels so light, good, and wonderful!

I am starting to notice when this is not so; when I am in the way with all my thoughts and considerations. When I do notice this, I ask for forgiveness and make the intention to return.

I realise more and more it is not about me. It’s about Him expressing Himself, through us. We just need to get out of the way and let things be. Let the inspiration fulfill its purpose.

A final note: At this plane of plurality, inspiration may come in different forms. But, ultimately, the inspiration is Him. – whether you call it The Higher Being, God, The Universe, The Energy, etc. There is only one inspiration – causa prima.

So let’s listen. Trust. Be inspired. Be moved. Be joyful. And be graciously grateful. Enjoy the inspirations! 🙂

post script:

I write about anything that makes an impression on me. I write about how I feel and what I think. I try to be honest, stay out of the way, and let my fingers do the writing. Writing is not only my way of sharing with other people, it is my practice in expressing myself and being honest about who and how I am. Two of what I believe to be my biggest work at the moment.

It is interesting how the question was about inspiration and I responded with ‘writing’. Perhaps that is currently my major mode of expression; how I channel the inspirations that come to (or through) me. I have recently received invitations to speak and step forward. Perhaps, again, it’s time to expand. Who knows.

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